How to share some bubble elements with others

Currently, at our company, we are considering the development of GUI using Bubble.

In the process of consideration, we are looking for a way to share some “elements” created in the bubble app editor with other apps under different bubble accounts within our company.

The detailed requirements for sharing are as follows:

  • The design of elements created in the bubble app editor (color, size, shape, etc.) can be shared with apps used in different bubble accounts.

  • When sharing elements, they should not be made public, but should be shared privately with specific members within our company.

I think it would be great if I could do the following to achieve the above requirements:

  • Use bubble’s template function if template has the function of private sharing (instead of submitting to the public market place).

Is this possible?

In addition, we are also considering using the export/import function within the Bubble app editor ( setting > general > export/import application ) to achieve the above requirements, is it possible to do so? Thanks.

Ooh, this is a good question. You might just need to make an app to hold those prebuilt elements and then invite an email alias as a collaborator on it (Obvs, the other a bubble devs will need access to the password.)


Thanks for the solution! We’ll try it.

If anyone has other ideas, please let me know.

You may have noticed the components tab… it’s featured prominently after creating a new app and its for quickly adding fully built groups of elements compelte with workflows… This is something that only holds Bubble’s pre-built components but word on the street is they’re looking at opening it up for anyone to save (and it would be awesome if we could also use it to sell) custom components. Doesn’t help you at the moment but figured I’d let you know they’re thinking about it

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Thank you for your replying!
Oops, that’s fascinating information…

I’d like to watch the feature additions, thanks!

@banno-yo you can also try out Atomic Fusion it’s a paid solution but is a Chrome extension that allows you to copy and paste a library of components and you can make them private to only share with your team.


Atomic Fusion might be closest to what we want to do.
I’m gonna examine the function.

Thank you for the valuable information !


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