Idea to Improve Bubble - Template Layouts


I would love to see this type of thing with bubble. A responsive template chooser as a drag and drop button built in bubble would be really cool. Google has this when building their sites and I think this would be great for new bubblers to have as well. Just an easy way to get something nice right away. Bubble, what do you think? Just trying to help with getting new customers :slight_smile:


I upvote this. (Would be nice in the forum to have voting on feature requests, no?)

A simple(r) implementation might be to have Layout Styles.

Layout Style
A collection of properties stored as a group, that can be added to an element, which override the Layout properties, and when the Layout Style is changes, all elements change accordingly. Same concept as Styles today.

  • Layout Style Name
  • Applies to Groups / Other element types
  • For New Responsive Engine only (or not)
  • Alignment of Children properties
  • Width and Height properties
  • Etc.

The, the real magic:

Default Layout Style

  • Per element
  • Per app
  • Be able to designate which layout style should be connected when an element of that type is created.
  • Could opt for a “repeat last used”, but it’s hard to determine what “last used” means. (Last viewed, last changed, last created-then-changed, you get the options).

This would save SO MUCH time when creating groups in the responsive design.

This is what @renatoasse is doing :sweat_smile:.

Pre-built full functional templates (pages and components - responsive ready and with workflows) that you can simply drag and drop into your editor. The video is in Portuguese, but you can see how it works.