Need help with editing template

Hello, I am new to bubble and decided to mess around with editing a template to get familiar with it and I ran into a snag. As I am editing a template whenever I tried to move the text buttons from being side to side or making a new text to go to the side it drops below the other buttons. could someone explain why this is happening please and how can I fix this or other solutions to the problem.
so basically id like to know if i can add another text or move one of these text without it dropping to another row or like and instead keeping the same layout that this has on the first picture

Yes, you can do all that and more using Bubble’s responsive settings.

Sounds like you need to play around with the Layout tab of the element property editor.

Specifically you’ll want to focus on the Row and Column layout options and checking/unchecking the ‘Fit width to content’ option.

This should be a good starting point for you.

On a side note, I recommend building simple designs from scratch first and not working backwards from a template.

Thank you so much for these kind tips and the link I’ll take all of this to heart for future endeavors I really appreciate it!

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