If a step in a workflow fails, all following steps won't run?

I just caught this, in my workflow here step 2 failed (was an issue with Stripe) therefore step 3-9 didn’t run even though none of those steps are dependent on step 2. Is this normal?

Yes, see the capture error response and continue with workflow checkboxes in the API connector for each API call

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I’m not sure what you mean by that? It is a backend workflow and I wasn’t using the API connector

did it fail when you tried to schedule the backend workflow, or was there an error in the backend workflow, after you scheduled it?

There was an error in the backend workflow. Step 1 worked, step 2 failed due to a stripe.js plugin error, then steps 3-9 didn’t run even though they don’t depend on step 2

Hey, check your API connector as @georgecollier mentioned above.
Edit the API call and make sure you check the box that says “capture error response and continue with workflow”

This will allow all actions in a workflow (server side and client side) to run even if the API action fails.

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Ok thanks now I understand. It looks like that setting isn’t checked in the plugin code for stripe.js and I can’t change it so I’ll just use the API connector instead to create a stripe customer

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