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Hello, which function or plugin do I use to obtain the result of a calculation, indicating the lowest price among the options presented. Issuing a text indicating the lowest price? Can someone help me? It would be like an excel “if function”. Ex: If price 1 is less than price 2 = send text informing that the best option is option 1.

If you have a list of things you can sort them and show the lowest value. (Use descending by value to sort.)

Is this data a “text” type? is that the issue?

I’m not sure what exactly the problem is. Are these values in a repeating group? Will there always just be two options?

There will be up to four options, when clicking on the cancel button I need a way to calculate the options which would be the best price, and present a text informing what that option would be.

With there only being 4 options we have a lot of solutions we can do.

Because the user will click a button to find the answer let’s use a easy workflow to find it.

Have the text where you want to display the info display the parent group's LowestPrice
(Make this custom thing in the parent group as a decimal type)

The workflow will have 4 steps and look like this:

  1. Display data in parent group's name ONLY IF - - Option 1’s value < LowestPrice’s value.
    OR If LowestPrice’s Value is empty
  2. Display data in parent group's name ONLY IF - - Option 2’s value < LowestPrice’s value.
    3)Display data in parent group's name ONLY IF - - Option 3’s value < LowestPrice’s value.
    4)Display data in parent group's name ONLY IF - - Option 4’s value < LowestPrice’s value.

This is probably the easiest way to explain how to do it. There’s a bunch of other ways that would be more performant like using a list and states.

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