If I delete a copied app, will the DB of the original app also be deleted?

I copied an app so I would have a sandbox to learn new features. I checked ‘Copy the application database content’ at the time I copied the app. Now I want to delete the copied app.
When I attempt to delete it, a message pops up “This will delete all your users’ data. Once you delete an app, there is no going back.”

  • Do the original and copied app share the same DB content?
  • If I delete the copied app, will the user data for the original app be deleted also?

(And if deleting the copy does delete the original’s DB in this case, if I don’t click on ‘Copy the application database content’ at the time I copy the app, can I delete the copied app later without harming the original DB ?)

I’ve searched through the forums and can’t find a definitive answer to this.

They are separate databases, the question it asked you when you cloned it was just if you wanted to carry over the same data, nothing to do with “linking” the databases together

There is no connection between original and copy apps.

Thanks for the quick clarifications!

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