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iFrame as a drag-drop tool in editor?

I was thinking today.

It would be cool if we could drag/drop an iFrame - or similar HTML frame and then set its data source as a link.
So basically there would be an image of the webpage as a teaser - to entice users to open the link.

Or can this done already, with some kind of work around?

i just did a screen grab and threw it into photoshop for my page samples

Fair enough.

Sorry, what I actually meant was. If a user, of my app could copy an external URL, then past it in the app - the frame would give a visual representation of the URL location.
Example, a post might be something like this:

Pasted Link: iFrame as a drag-drop tool in editor?

Caption: “Hey check out this forum post by this blue alien with a massive nose.”

Image in Frame would =

Then clicking the image would open the website.

If you mean … can you enter a URL in a bubble field and then use that in an iFrame to dynamically display the website …


I am showing another bubble page here, having entered it in an input box.


Yes! - Thanks for the template Nigel. I have never done it before.

I didn’t even think of the custom html option! :sweat_smile: shows what I know.

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