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Rich text with direct paste/dragdrop of pictures


the very same rich text input box I am using right now to post on this forum, has the great feature of upload and embed pictures by just “pasting” it.
I would kill to have such a feature on development.
Better should implement drag and drop and or upload button inside the rich text.

I haven’t tries yet, but right now I guess the only way is to implement a rich text input, an image uploader and a repeating group that shows the url of the uploaded picture (not sure is possible for privacy).

Any though? I am the only crazy one that thinks this is a must have feature?

I am creating a reporting web application, where engineer have to report issues and attaching pictures is critical, but is important that those pictures are inside the report text.


Only I think this is an important feature?

That would be nice indeed. Even better a wysiwyg html editor. But i think there might be an issue with the responsiveness feature.
This kind of feature would open many doors, for example if we are building websites for our customers, they could easily edit the content themselves


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Still nothing on this subject? Anyone interested in creating a plugin?