Iframely plugin to embed 1800 domains

Hi all

I have created a new plugin that helps you embed content from 1800 domains like Instagram, Pinterest, Github, etc. with a single API call.

The best part is that you can DIRECTLY USE IT WITHOUT AN IFRAMELY.COM SUBSCRIPTION. The cheapest Iframely.com subscription is $29/month with a limited number of API calls and has no “Pay Once” plan.

With my plugin, you can make unlimited API calls with only $19/month or by paying $99 once. The plugin can be found here:

The demo app is here: http://iframely-demo.bubbleapps.io/

Can you define some use cases for SaaS. I don’t understand the need here with iframes. On mobile it isn’t responsive

it would be useful if explain how you are offering this as a bubble subscription only and no Iframely fee’s…im sure its all legitimate

It doesn’t use Iframes but uses the same engine used by iframely.com to enable embeds which is responsive. Some SaaS use-cases:

  1. Ed-tech : Allow authors to embed content from different websites in courses.
  2. E-commerce : Users can price-compare across websites and curate content from different e-commerce websites.
  3. Social media : Users can post cool content they found on other social media websites or user handles
  4. News tech : Embed influencer posts that made news on your platform

I have hosted my own instance of the same engine that supports Iframely. Therefore, you don’t need to pay any Iframely fee as the instance is on my own server.

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Iframely is open-source

Doh! me…didnt realise. thanks for the reveal.

Exactly! iframely.com uses a hosted instance of the same.

I would like to allow my users to embed their own content from other sites such as a livesstream from FB. can I use your product for that type of a use case?