I'm confused with my database structure

Hello Bubblers,

I’m trying to create two different types of users (Client and Professional). The Client will use a service by visiting the professional profile page. I need that Client to become apart of the professionals List of Clients. They both have user as the data type. However, the client’s boolean choice is “is client signup?” and the Professional boolean choice is “is business s/u?”

I created a workflow and attempted to add the client user to the professional users “list of clients” list. When I check the DB, the client user is created, and the professional’s ‘list of clients’ field holds a slot, but the client user isn’t there. The data is empty. I should mention that the workflow consist of the professional signing the user up for them by putting in their info with an email address and sending them a link to reset password.

What’s confusing me is this:

The data type is 'User


But after running the workflow and checking the app data, I see this…the input field say type a user’s appointment.


Am I missing something? Grateful for any responses.

Did you change the primary field? This may explain why you see this.

@Jici thanks for chiming in. There’s no option to change the field.

Can you send a screenshot of your primary fields?

@Jici for my user data type? There are a lot of fields. I set a list to only show what I need to see. Both users would have the data type user.

this screen shot shows only a few fields, but the one in question is visible.

In the same tab, look for a button called primary field. This is what im looking for

Here you go. Thanks

@Jici now I am getting this message.


I think I got it now.

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