User Types e.g business and customer

Hi guys can someone please advise how to set up the different user types?

I have data types (Business), and (Customer). Both share the same fields except business has different naming. But both are user data types.

On my sign up form I have a dropdown to choose whether the sign up is for user, or business. But I am not sure how to set the workflow to determine which page I am sending either one to…they both redirect by default to my users page, which is useless for a business user sign up if that makes sense?
Actually quick note. I have a floating menu bar with different attributes associated to the sign. So the users menu looks different to business etc. This is the part I am struggling with as well.

In the sign up form you have a dropdown menu with static choices (Business and Customer) right? and both are user type thing.

So what you do is you create two workflows on the sign up button: 1. Go to business profile page only when user type is business and 2. Go to Customer profile page only when user type is customer.

So you need two different profile pages beforehand to navigate each user type to.

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I’m trying to create it for mobile, sorry I should’ve said that in original question.
So I guess I’m trying to achieve it on one page?

I basically put everything together and its working but my issue is I’ve created 2 separate floating menus (one for a “customer”, and another for “business”) along with groups that hide etc, but the thing is on sign up, or login it automatically defaults to customer view, and I can’t even test properly whether the business menu functions as it should because it never displays?

The main issue I guess is the sign up part, I can’t figure out how to create a work flow so that on sign up btn pressed it shows “whichever” menu and associated groups if that makes sense.

Sorry I must sound like a tard haha, but I promise I have been trying it out loads myself haha I just can’t figure it out

Aha, well I haven’t gotten there yet and I am dreading making everything I have created mobile friendly so by the time I do, i’ll probably be the one consulting you

Off the bat though I assume you are going to need to use Custom States to hide and show elements and link them to workflows

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Yep I’m using custom states to show hide which ones I need :slight_smile:
I probably just need to go back for a long look at those to make sure there configured right haha :slight_smile:

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