Workflows : How do you use it?

Hello everyone,

I create this topic for everyone who has a problem with workflows.
If you have a problem about it, post it here. Bubble community would find a solution for you.


I am starting.

I do not know how to create a host account and a client account in the pop up ‘’ sign up ‘’.
Does someone know how to do it ?

Thanks a lot.


A User is a User, only you decide if there are different types of Users. In that case it could help to add a ‘role’ field to the User data type where you specify which roles you need.

In that instance, you will probably want to control or do signup yourself (create account for someone else) or you create a ‘signup’ that is basically just a request for signup, then you assign the role and create the User account.

Hello Vincent,
Thank you for message.
Can you explain me step by step ?

What can I should put in the database and what I should create in the workflow ?

All the tests I do are false…


Have you gone through the lessons that explain these processes step by step? Also, the Bubble documentation is very thorough when it comes to explaining the User data type.

Hello Vincent,

I’m having a similar question with 2 user types…

I’m trying to create a website where 2 types of users should be able to sign up/login:

user 1: EMPLOYEE
user 2: EMPLOYER

Every employee (of different companies) should be able to login.
When they sign up or log in they are redirected to their dashboard.
There they can start to “create a new project” & they can see all their created projects.

Every employer (of different companies) should be able to sign up.
Here I want ONLY EMPLOYERS to be able to signup for an employer account. (so no employees or other people) How can this be achieved? ( i’ve read about creating roles for user types… Is this a possible way? )

—When the employer logs in, they get redirected to their dashboard.
—There they should be able to see in the repeating group, the created projects of all their employees (and only of their own employees !!). When the employer then clicks the “Shape A” (clapping hands) of a created project by an employee, the project is approved by the employer.

Can you help me out on how to set it up?
I’ve included the link to the basic set up of this app below: (set the app to everyone can edit)
All suggestions or other insights are very much appreciated !!

Hi @freddc83,

In any case, I’d recommend using a yes/no field on your User object called “Employer” to signify which users are employers. By default, this would be set to no - but when a user signs up as an employer, this would be set to yes.

To achieve the effect of allowing only genuine employers to sign up as the Employer user type, there are a couple options that come to mind:

  1. Have users input a password (set by the site admin dynamically or hardcoded) during the sign up flow to “prove” they are an employer. This is the most basic solution and probably the least secure
  2. Have you site admin generate and maintain a list of emails for those who are approved employers. When these users sign up, you can check to see if their provided email is in the admin’s list. If yes, then you can sign them up as an employer
  3. Have your users check a box to “request an employer account” when signing up, possibly provide an input so that the user can provide more information explaining why they want access/why they are a genuine employer. The site admin will have a list of all users who have requested access and can approve or disapprove the requests (I think this is a pretty solid, secure, and scalable solution and wouldn’t require too much effort to implement)
  4. Have your site admin send out “invite links” to pre-approved employers via email. These links would go to a special sign up page in your app (requiring you to maintain two sign up pages) and allow any user with access to the link the ability to sign up as an employer. You may want to include a parameter with a random string in the link or have the page be a new data type - “Invite” - so that you can generate a unique link with every invite, making it much harder for undesired users to get access to the invite links.

Would any of these options solve your problem? Am I misunderstanding the use case? Happy to elaborate on any of this or further explain how I would implement this stuff!

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Hi @david2,

Thank you for your quick reply !
Your are truely amazing, sharing all these possible options… Thank you so so much !!

I think that the 3rd option(check box with "request an employer account) would be the best way to go…
This way nobody can sign up as an employer without me knowing and approving…
Great solution !!

Would you like to help me set this up?
I have included below the basic set up for the app:
(app is set to “everyone can edit”)

Thank you so much in advance for your time…

If you have any other suggestions on what can be better, please let me know…

Ps.: I have also created an Employer “yes/no” field on the user data type - which is set to default “false”
Is this correct?

If you are using different roles, I would use a text field instead of a ye/no field for ‘employer’. This will be easier to manage, but I think @david2 gave you more than enough options to go ahead.

One more you could look into: sign users up as employees when their email address matches your domain. You then still need a verification step by sending an activation or verification link to the email address someone used to sign up, but you could theoretically automate this process so no manual check is required.

Hey Vincent,

Thanks for your reply.
Yes @david2 has given me great options on how to achieve this… I have asked for his help on how to implement the third option…

Hey Vincent,

Regarding what you said about the employee sign up - verification/activation of their emailaddress…
How can I achieve this in Bubble? What are the steps in the workflow after they pressed the “sign up” button?

It’s all explained in the tutorials and documentation.

I have already searched for this but cannot seem to find it…

Hello Everyone, thank you for all your replies.
Even Though your replies, I do not know how to allow to 2 types of user to be signed up in the same pop up.
I will show you some screenshot for a better understanding.

This is what I want

This is what I have


When I click on the button, the button is not selected.

I fill in my workflows like this

Step 1


Step 2

Step 3 :

I know that there is something wrong in the workflows.
What I should do to have the same result of the 1st picture ?

When Button client is clicked and Parent group’s Thing[not found:client1_boolean] looks to me as an error. Should be something link and parent group thing isn’t in

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