I'm considering Rebuilding my Company's website in Bubble - A few questions

I currently run a wordpress website that gets about 1500 unique visitors a month. My server cost to run this is to the order of about $1,000 a year. I’ve developed a few apps that I’ve put on subdomains of that website because you can just do so much more with bubble. I’m thinking I might as well just rebuild the whole website in bubble. My question is how quickly can I expect the website to run? Most pages would have minimal workflows as it is an informational type of website, however, a few pages would be doing some more complex things like API calls and calculations. With a professional plan and a few extra blocks of capacity will this run quickly? Would workflows running on complex pages affect the pageload speed for users who are browsing simple pages with no workflows?

Basically, what tier of bubble would I need to be using to match enterprise business hosting with godaddy for speed?

Any advice would be much appreciated.


If its a basic website, I wouldnt do it. In fact, why would you do it in the first place? Does Bubble provide features that you can’t have in Wordpress?

Just because you have some web apps running on Bubble, doesn’t necessarily justify moving over to Bubble. You would need quite a lot of extra capacity to get proper speed and even still it is not nearly as fast as an optimized Wordpress site.

In terms of money, I don’t think you will be cheaper off. Maybe even more expensive if you need extra capacity and a few paid plugins.

Unfortunately this is not your primary factor. Even on a dedicated plan, heavy workflows that are not created optimally will still force high load times for visitors and eat up your available DB CPU. Always optimize for speed during each phase: architecture, layout, design, displaying data (repeating groups esp.) and building workflows. With a lightweight website like you’re talking about (add to that you don’t have much traffic), I wouldn’t worry about upgrading for this specific purpose.

Like @vincent56 mentioned, do you need Bubble integrated with your main website features and content? If you think yes, then I say go ahead and build it out in Bubble and analyze the numbers for yourself :slight_smile: each app is different to some extent so it’s tough to give accurate advice. I can guarantee you won’t hit low TTFB similar to your existing site. See: https://status.bubble.is/ avg latency: 600ms, avg page load: 3.75s. Hey, look at it this way: it would make for a GREAT case study if you tracked several metrics from before → after and you can always switch back if you’re unhappy.

One caveat: current URL structure and site content will be affected during site crawls from search engines after the switch. If this does not bother you, and if you don’t have many nested pages with unique (and important) paths generating traffic, then I don’t see much stopping you from trying.