Enterprise Sites & Dedicated Plans

Are there any examples of a website using the dedicated plan? Bonus points if SPA.

I remember reading a thread last year that essentially said,

“Performance on the Dedicated Plan is Night and Day. We have zero complaints whatsoever and could never go back. We also use a kajillion plugins in our app and it doesn’t matter.”

It was a real confidence booster, and though expensive, if Bubble can actually achieve native like speeds if I pay them 3K a month, then so be it.

Unfortunately I cant share much information about the app I work on, but we are a (mostly) SPA on a dedicated plan.

We switched from the shared cluster to a dedicated server a few months before I joined the team, so I cant speak first hand, but I can say this:

I notice massive performance differences from my hobby projects (shared cluster) and my jobs app (dedicated).

I actually just completed a speed optimization sprint with a team of developers, and our app is very complex. Some of the modules we have really bend Bubble with both functionality and amount of data we deal with (complex relationships). You can get some really good speeds on a dedicated plan. It is truly night and day.

With a SPA, you are going to have to have some give with the idea of initial page load speed. Currently, we average about 5 seconds for initial load, and then near instant after initial load (beauty of SPAs)

So, this was a lot of rambling and random information, and I’m not even sure I answered your question, but there is my experience developing on a dedicated instance.

Unfortunately our app is behind closed doors as an invite-only type of app, so even if I shared the link, it wouldnt be much good without any credentials.