I'm looking for a course + coaching

Hi everyone :slight_smile:

Yesterday I opened this thread on the bubble forum: Can I make an app like this in Bubble?

That’s the app I need to create.

I don’t want to hire an agency or a freelance, but I do want to learn while doing.

Is there someone selling a course (to learn the basics) + coaching per hour (to actually the foundation of the app together)? :slight_smile:

Hello @ziogio98,

The best place to begin is here https://bubble.io/lessons. You can also check https://bubble.io/community_resources for some of the recognized community resources .

Personally, I have learnt a lot from @romanmg and therefore I can recommend coaching bubble which comes with lots of free youtube tutorials.

Finally, this community is really helpful for anything you need to know while building your project.

All the best as you build your project.


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