I'm looking for ideas for a workflow that repeatedly processes all applicable data

I want to perform an action to change all the data that meets a certain condition from a large amount of data.
How should I set up the repetition process using api workflow at this time?

step1.Make changes…Do a search for, select the first item of data that meets a certain condition, and process the changes.
Call step2.api workflow again and add repeat conditions
I think it should be done, but how should I define the conditions?
If a list of data that meets ``certain conditions’’ exists, it can be retrieved. . .

I’m assuming you want to make changes to each of these records, but the actual change will be different for each row. In this case, I think what you want to do here is create an iteration which will go through all the records found one by one and do the data changes you want to do.

If you are making a generic change for each row found, you can just do a “make change to a list of things” and perform it once.

BUT in BOTH cases, you would likely want another api workflow which will regularly schedule the work on a regular basis. Then this workflow would reschedule itself to run again in the future.

In THIS workflow, you’d perform your search and pass the resultant rows to the workflow that is doing the actual changes. In THAT workflow, you can check to see if there are rows to process, and if so, do the work.

This probably makes pretty much little sense and I likely just made matters worse, but I would first tackle the workflow that does the iteration to make your changes. Once that one is stable, THEN work on the workflow that will call it on a regular basis.

Thank you, this is resolved.
Create a parameter as a list type, and put data that meets the conditions into the list when calling the front-side API schedule.

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