How To Set Recurring Workflow On List Of Things?

Is it possible to set a recurring workflow on a list of things?

I am trying to work out a way of doing the same thing. I have a list of items in a repeating group and I am trying to get a button click to add data into a unpopulated field in each of those items.

I am thinking of creating a workflow that has a step 1 (that creates the data) then step 2 will be to add the data to the first item on the list, this should clear this item on the list due to the search parameter. Step 3 is a terminate workflow if RG is empty. Step 4 =S Step 2, 5=3, 6=2, 7=3 etc etc on the basis I am unlikely to ever have more than 5.

Ideally I’d like to repeat 2 and 3 until terminated.

This is all done on the basis that I can’t update the same field for all repeating group items at once.

Idea 1 does work, but it seems very slow to process the 4 steps in the workflow.

Sure, if you can find a condition for the remaining things in the list to match. So you schedule the api workflow if ‘search for things where X is not yet processed’ is not empty.

For example, I create things on a list of Users.

In the API workflow I create a ‘Thing X’ for each User, then schedule the same API workflow with these conditions:

User: 'Thing Y’s User filtered (Advanced: search for X where User = This User first thing is empty): first item

(I want the User where X was not created for yet)

Then the condition to reschedule the API workflow is:

Y’s User filtered (Advanced: search for X where User = This User first thing is empty) first item is not empty

It will then look for a User where this Thing X was not created for and if it finds it, it schedules the workflow.

Thank you for that advice. I couldn’t find a way of using the API workflow, as I required information from an earlier workflow step to populate into the RG list items.

Instead I decided to restrict this RG to a set # of items and then run the workflow on each item in reverse order. If no item it happily ignored it. Seems a lot faster now I have removed the terminate workflow option.

This is probably a really bad way of doing things, but it seems to work well for my current needs.

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