I'm so close, cant make list longer than 6. Bug?


I have code that works as expected except for one thing: i cant add more than 6 elements to a list. I have no idea why. so here is the set up:

I have an option set of messages

My users have a field that is a list of these messages

I have a page that adds a message to this list for e specific user. And you can see it works, the uses are getting message s in this field

But there can only be 6 messages… why???

so its not that its being clipped by graphics the data is not there.

How does the list get created you ask?
well I have a page where you select the user, and then select a message that you want to add to the useractivity list

and here is the workflow

as I said it works… but only 6 times.

Your option set is six options. Bubble lists do not inherently allow duplicates I believe. This may be the reason you are unable to add the same option more than once to a single list.

that…makes perfect sense…but a real problem… how do i allow duplicates?

Have to create a solution in the DB…maybe create a separate data type that has fields like a single option as well as a user id (saved as text)…then on the user data type have a related field which would be a list of the new data type.

So each time there is a user message it is saved with the user id and then added to a list of user messages on the user data type.

thank you and yes, that was the path i was just heading down

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