Please help, cannot find an option to control list additions

Hi all, sorry to bother you.

I am having difficulty validating an addition to a repeating list.

As you can see from the below picture I want to add a staff member to a course list, but i only want the ability to add as many staff as permitted by another field.

I have opened the app so people can have a look at the structure and hopefully it will make more sense.

Thank you in advance


You will probably have to do a search for the thing that holds you maximum number.

The app isn’t public, so can’t really help much more ::frowning:

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Hi Nigel, thank you for your reply. I have checked the app and it is set to ‘Everyone can edit’, strange that you cannot open it. What could this be?

Aologies, I put the wrong link, this link should work liststest | Bubble Editor

If I understand your image properly - in Only when don’t do joins.

Rather think of something like:

Repeating group with participants items : count <
Search for course organisation’s [in constraints set course = dropbox course value and organisation = dropbox organisation value] max participants

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Hi Jakub, thanks for your reply. I have implemented what you suggested and it worked! Thank you so much

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