Impossible to have repeated list items

Hi! As a new user, currently exploring Bubble, I found that it is not possible to have repeated list items, for example, using a list of texts.

App Link -
Assumptions: I am not using the database and I don’t want to use types

So here is an example scene, using the app I have created:

  • If I add the following words: bread, tuna and mayo

    • The list will be: [bread, tuna, mayo]
  • But if then I add again the word bread:

    • It is impossible to add again the same word to the list
    • I would expect the folowing list [bread, tuna, mayo, bread]
    • I found that is only possible to add different words

My Questions

  • Why is it not possible to have repeated words in a list even if we have list methods like :unique elements ?
  • Also I found a similar question, where a user answered this: Add Repeated items in a list
    • Where can I found in the documentation the information about what this user said related to this matter ?

Thanks (I am just a new user exploring Bubble)