I'm stuck on making my search feature

I am trying to make a search feature and I am following the loose guidelines on a tutorial. I am trying to be able to have my users search for a duck number by the duck ID #. For data sent I’m putting search for ducks and for the constraint I am putting in duck ID # = get search from url and putting in the parameter

. That should work but it’s not. When I click away I get an error message. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. I have included a screenshot.

So I see 2 errors:

  1. Search_results page needs to be the type of “ducks” so on that “main” page change the content.
  2. Your “search for ducks” is going to return a list of ducks. I’m guessing you want a single duck. add “:First item” to the “search for ducks” yellow text above.

Goodluck with your ducking app!

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I changed the content to ducks for the search results page and added the :first item, but it still goes red and has an error. it says the thing should be ducks but right now it’s a list of ducks. I am confused. I don’t know what a list of ducks is or what i’m doing wrong. Maybe i’m not smart enough for Bubble.

woah woah you got this!

It’s probably still something about the :first Item
Should look like this?

What does the new error say?


This is so ducking hard. I made another app in the past that had a search feature and it worked well. I tried to duplicate it with this app but the other app didn’t make me have data to send. Here is my error message.

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