Bug/issue using Do Search for functionality


Is anyone else having issues with some of the basic functionalities not working on a new app?

For example, I just created a new app, populated the User database, and trying to use the “Do Search for” functionality but it is not returning any value from the database. However, when do the exact same thing in one of my previous /old apps, it is working perfectly fine.

Anyone is aware of any changes/issues similar to this? Is this a bug?

Hi there, @mrk1997ub… if you could share some screenshots, I’m sure that would help with troubleshooting. One thing you should check is if there are any privacy rules on the User data type that are preventing the data from being shown.



Complementing @mikeloc great advice, check all your data types privacy settings and erase them for now using the trash icon. The privacy tab is located right next to the data types tab.

When you become more familiar with Bubble, you can always come back and add security to your app.

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Hey @mikeloc and @cmarchan - thank you so much for the replies.

I checked and there are no privacy rules set on the User data type.

However, when I cheked on the setting → App plan tab, it showing this message “This plan has a limit on the number of things in your database (currently using 0 out of 200)”

This is a weird issue as I can literally see the data in the User App data table. I created one row of data from the front end (through log-in screen) and then just to be sure, added another row of data manually through the backend. However, it seems like for some reason bubble thinks ther is no data available in the User table.

Is there anything obvious I am missing here?

It doesn’t seem like you are missing anything obvious. As I mentioned, some screenshots might help with the troubleshooting here, but I’m not sure why a simple search on the User data type wouldn’t return those things. Do you have any constraints on the search that would prevent those things from being shown?

Hi @mikeloc … thank you once again for the response… It in fact got resolved. I tried the oldest trick on the book “restarted it” :slight_smile: basically completely logged out of my account, closed browser, restarted and logged back into my app, and boom - it is working now… this is definitely not a cache issue but somehow it seemed to get fixed… thank you very much for the response and support. Much appreciated.

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