Im stuck with my shops menu to cart

hi i am stuck and would appreciate any help possible.

i want to add food to my cart but cant find a way to fix it yet. in my database i have (1) menu title. (2) menu item. (3) extras title and (4) extras item.
i want to make it so my customers can click on (1) title Burgers and select the (2) burger and get options (3) salad or sauce or cheese or onion rings and after selecting (4) them i want those choices to go in the cart.

i tried many times and end up either having it change the database menu or it makes multiple orders.

i want to see it in the cart like.
burger x2
tomatoes, cucumbers
ketchup, burger sauce
no cheese

something like that. any help would be great and i also wish you all a happy Christmas and new years :slight_smile:

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