How to add multiple items to cart

Hey Bubblers,

I need help to build a feature to allow the user to add multiple items to the cart. Right now when i add a item to cart it shows only the current item added to cart not all the items.
I want to allow the user to be able to see all the items added to cart.

Thank you in advance!

Sorry but you’re going to need to give the forum a bit more to work with - can you share any screenshots of your setup or even better, temporarily change the application rights so that everyone can view and we can see what’s going on?

yeh! of course I’ll share the link with you

Okay first issue - on your south_indian page. This workflow is trying to add the Current Page Food-items, but it should be Current Cell’s Food-items.

This is why nothing is actually being added to your cart - because the Current Page Food-items is empty. You can see this by checking the database, the ‘cart’ field is completely empty.

Second issue is on your my_cart page. Your repeating group elements refer to the ‘Current Page Food-items…’, but they should be referring to the ‘Current Cell’s Food-items…’.


This explains why you see a product on the cart page - because on the south_indian page, your workflow sends them to the cart and includes a thing to send as the food item (which is not required and is why you thought that items were actually being added to the cart).

Once you’ve made those changes - it should work as expected, but let me know if this isn’t the case!

Thank you so much it works !

Hey @juicebox can you please help me in adding the multiple items in cart page.
I want to make user able to add items as much as he/she want to the cart.

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