Im Stumped! Group Exercise like Netflix party?

Hey Everyone,

I am trying to create something similar to a Netflix party where I can put on a YouTube song, and it will show the same song on anyone on that page.

I am doing it via Zoom screen share,but the volume is terrible, so I am trying to develop something where they can open the same page and get the song at full volume; that way, Zoom is only used for video chatting.

Does anyone have any ideas?

I created a workout(data type) that everyone can join. I have Bubble creating a playlist on that workout, but how do I get it to play that playlist on each device. I know this is possible because you can update data without refresh. I want Bubble to update the data after the song is over. I do have a plugin that does steps before and after the video has loaded/played etc.

Any ideas?

I hope this makes sense,

Does anyone have any ideas? :frowning:

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