Show Bubble: RemoteQuiz - Play games with friends on Zoom

Hey Everyone,

With the current lockdown situation, I’ve been playing lots of quizzes with groups of friends on Zoom to escape the misery!

I decided to make a Bubble app with some quiz templates (or you can make your own) for playing with groups of friends. It collects all the player’s answers and shows them in realtime, and adds up the scores to show who won.

I’ve played a few games on it now with multiple players and it seems to work pretty well.

Would love any feedback if anyone wants to give it a go!

Cheers, James.


Hey James. I’ve tried your game. It works perfectly. I will introduce it to my friends next weekend.

Can I ask how you made it so the admin can share a unique link that invites people to a private room? I had no idea it was possible to create “private servers” and I’d love to know how. Or maybe more importantly, how did you learn to make this game? Like are there tutorials that helped you out?

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Hey Erik, Thanks for trying it out and the kind words.

I did they private game rooms by creating a unique ‘thing’ for a game, and then linking to a page with that game’s ID in the URL - happy to answer any questions if you’re trying to do similar.

I mostly taught myself by building several apps but also got a lot of help from the forum here and the Coaching No Code Apps channel on YouTube!


Lots of good ideas here. Let update us on how it is going regarding user-base. I’m curious if you have had many educators sign up.

I’m working on an update blog post at the moment of all the learning so far.

Currently almost at 1k users, 15k questions answered. Since adding paid plans Up to about 10 paying users.

Learnt a lot but long way still to go :slightly_smiling_face:

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Well 10 paid users is better than I’m sure about 50% of the Bubble apps get! Congrats on launching a good app. Keep us updated on your progress. I just had a discussion with a group of educators the other day and this was an idea we discussed. Good job man!

Thanks for the response. I’m definitely trying to do something similar. I want to create a game like this one: (I time stamped it)

That is from . The premise is that a group of friends make a story. Each person gets to do a line, but they can only see what the last person wrote. After each person finishes putting a line on all of the stories, they all get to read it at the same time and see what kind of crazy stories they came up with.

I basically want to do exactly that. But because broken picturephone is a game designed with drawings in mind, the “only writing” part of the game is neglected. I want to make that the main thing because I think it’s much more fun, at least when I play with my friends. I want to make it so that I can add features that I want.

It would be awesome if you could point me to the right direction. I currently dont even know where to start.

Loved it :heart: :heart:
Awesome build