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[New Free Plugin] Daily Video Chat

Hi, Bubblers!

I just finished up a new free plugin to add Daily Video calls to your bubble app. It integrates with the daily video and audio api and you can create, update and join video call rooms, choose between a few different video call styles (top-right, bottom, full-screen/center) and create webinars.

The demo editor is here, and the plugin page with instructions is here.

Let me know if you have any feedback, comments, or suggestions! Happy to help anyone with it or add requests to the plugin!


:+1: :star_struck: This looks like what I was looking for! It looks good! I want to make an interface where other users will see the rooms and participants. Can I implement this with your plugin? Can you tell me how to bring the participants of the conversation to the dashboard?

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Hello! Thanks for the comments. You can list all rooms with the plugin, you can’t currently access the participant data through the plugin in bubble, but I can update the plugin so that you can!

I’ll have that done by tomorrow and let you know when it’s live!



That would be awesome! :clap:


I pushed an upgrade to the plugin to enable you to access meeting information (i.e., the current room duration, a list of participants, and a list of rooms.) You’ll have access to both meeting sessions that are currently live (ongoing = yes), and one’s that have finished.

In terms of setting up where you would like to display the data, you can put it in a repeating group and to select meeting information data as the data type. For your case, you’ll want filter the data by ongoing = yes to see rooms with participants in them. Here’s a screenshot example of that.

If you’d like it to fetch updated room information ever so often (not just on page refresh), you can add a do every x seconds workflow and display the data in the repeating group. You’ll want to set the refresh parameter to the current date/time. I have an example of that setup in this demo editor, if that helps!

Happy to help if you run into any issues or need help figuring out how to display the data. Feel free to drop me a message.!

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That’s great! Thank you very much! I have studied your company and I really like your approach. I am creating a professional network service and I want to use many of the features that you are talking about on your site. I hope we will have a great cooperation! You’re cool, thank you again!