I'm wanting help (via screen share) with setting something up ($)

Hey, i just need help for maybe a hour over google chat to build something. i have a repeating group with buttons that leads to another page with a repeating group with buttons that leads to another page with buttons that when pressed show dynamic content. it’s just getting a bit confusing for me with needing different data types. i’m sure there’s a simple solution.

Let me know if you’re interested


Hey @jessefarquhar48,

We are offering free training sessions as we beta test our booking system.

You get a free 30-minutes with our team on Zoom sharing your screen as we help you plan, build or debug any issue on Bubble.

Just sign up for an account and book your free slot.

New Horizon Code

I tried to make an account with you guys 4 times but keeps saying password not valid.


We need to add a disclaimer alerting you that you require your password to be eight characters long, have a number, a latter and a non-alphanumeric character.

Adding that now, sorry about that.

Edit: Hot fix deployed.

Still doesn’t work

I’ll DM you.

Holler!! What’s up man, you wanna touch base sometime soon?!?

Hey all, I had New Horizon Code help me with setting this up. They were great. Would recommend people use them for help with bubble work Bubble Coaching | New Horizon Code


I’ve had it solved mate, thanks for the offer bud, maybe next time.

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