Image and text mess up in responsive settings

I have attached below two screenshots of the problem I am facing.

When the screen is set to max size (1200 px), the design looks good. However, when I set it to mobile width (320 px) the image and the text overlap.

What am I doing wrong ?

I don’t see any photos loaded in the post. Are you sure you added them?

Sorry. I forgot to upload them.

It just looks like your responsive settings aren’t set up how you want them to be. Have you watched the responsive tutorial? There’s a button in your screenshots that says “Watch Tutorial,” I highly recommend that if you haven’t already.

My guess is the image and text elements are overlapping. The responsive engine doesn’t like that very much.

I understand your answer, but how are they supposed not to overlap? I have the same issue (I watched the tutorial). I put an image for the banner and then of course I have some text on it
Without text my image is responsive and if I put a text on it the image becomes not responsive anymore
And I also cannot group the image and the text as a group

Can you share an image of what you’re trying to do, and how your editor is set up?

Hello, I found the answer. It works when setting the image as the background of the group and not as its type or by putting an image on it