Responsive Headache..Help!

Hi everyone,

I was thinking to well understand the responsive settings…unfortunately, I’m stuck since yesterday on an issue.

Here what I got in preview :

As explained, basially I got three floating groups : left menu + 2 headers. I want the group discover to cover all the page as it is in the editor view :

Note that in reponsive, everyting is left aligned…

If anyone have any ideas/advices, please ! It will help me avoid another cigarette/aspirin pack! :slight_smile:

Why not make the page bg blue? :stuck_out_tongue:

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Thanks @vincent56. I already tried that. However, it produces some weird design as I want the text and image present in the group to center vertically in on the page…

Not sure if I’m totally understanding you but I’ll give it a go.

Page = blue background
Put transparent Discover group and image group in one parent group.
Center parent group and either make it 100% or slightly bigger for wider screens 130%
In Responsive mode make Discover group and image group both center aligned so that they wrap to centre on mobile, one on each line.

There is a public Bubble test app here, you can create a page and copy your page to it (removing any confidential data) if you would like help.


Yes, way easier to troubleshoot if we can access the issue in an editor.