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Please give me some advice!

Hi, there!

I’m a student who is currently building my own web game project using Bubble, but encountered a lot of problems. I really need some help!

What I’m trying to build is a workspace for combining images. This is what the page currently looks like.

What I’m thinking is that I can click on one of the options images on the repeating group on the left side. Then I licked on one of the boxes on the right side. The image I just licked on the left side will display in the box. I have successfully done that using Custom States, but the images on the right all changed when I change the repeating groups’ tabs, because I’m using the current cells’ numbers to extract images from my database. How can I achieve my goal without being affected by changing tabs?

I really appreciate it if you can give me some advice!

Here is my page.

Thank you very much!


Hello Vincent,

Thank you for using the forum. Our team will be able to help. However, we will need to reproduce the current behavior directly within your application. Would you mind filing a report using this form making sure we have all the needed information to reproduce the current behavior and understand your end goal.


Hi, Thank you for replying!

The current behavior of my app takes many steps, it’s a little bit hard to explain Step-by-step. Basically, on the left side is the selections of images, with each tab corresponding to one repeating group and each repeating group is assigned a Field in the data section. On the right side, it is a work space for arranging images from the left according to different structures. The boxes is used to display images from the left. What I want to achieve is that I can click on the left side image once and click on one box at the right once, then that image from the left will be displayed on the left. Then I can changes tabs on the lest to use different selection of images.

Where is here I did it, every box has a corresponding Group. When I click on the images on the left side, I send out the image’s cell number to every groups on the right side through costume state. Then when I click on one box on the right, that box will be activated so that the cell number can “flow in” so that the image will change according to the “id” of the field “Vertical English Alphabets” in the type “DragImage”. In another word, only the box being activated can receive the newest update of the cell number from the left, while others still hold on to the cell number preserved in their corresponding group.

The problem I have is changing the field which the images came from, when I’m trying to change the feild to the fields other than “Vertical English Alphabets”, it became very difficult because I assigned the same feild to all the boxes on the right.

Therefore, I’m think about a new method where I can achieve my end goal.

Is it possible that I can click on one image on the left, then the image is sent to a group to store it regardless of the Feilds. Then when I click the boxes on the right, that image can be displayed. In other words, I can don’t assign field to the boxes that the correct image can still be displayed.

Sorry that it’s kind of long, if there is a solution PLEASE let me know.

Thank you!

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