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Image as a Workflow thing

I have a Custom event for which I set Image as Type of thing. But when triggering that event I can’t send an Image. I’m I not getting this right?

Difficult to tell what is going on without an error message or a link to the editor.

I am able to send an image from the image uploader to a custom event. What are you trying to send ?

When the blue button is clicked I want to send image ImgWorkOn to the Event ChangeImg. However, I can only send ImgWorkOns states. ChangeImg is setup to request an Image (not a state), but there is no way I can use that incoming image in the event’s workflow (as with a Thing when you can use “Current Workflow thing”).

An image isn’t a thing. So you can’t change it in that way.

You can save the image to a thing, or change a thing to add an image.

What are you trying to change ?

Thanks @NigelG !

I’m making a game with 9 images and wanted to send images as parameters to events to be able to reuse the events instead of making copies of all Events needed to control each image.

And putting them in a thing (in a Repeating Group) seems to produce lag:

As I said, you can send images as a parameter to a Custom Event.

Sorry, I don’t understand your last comment.

What are you trying to do with the image in your the Custom Event ?

I want to show/hide the Image, set and query it’s states.

I am confused, you show/hide images that are elements on a page, not ones that are passed as parameters ?

I have several images. I want to changes each one in the same way and therefore send the current image as a parameter to be changed. Like sending a pointer to a struct to a function in C++/C#, so that I can have one event and not an event for each image.

So in your example app above, you are trying to “change” an image ?

That is changing a thing, so a stored image. You can’t “change” the parameter that is sent. You can see the error.

In this context “change” means “update”. So you are modifying a database entry no changing an image.

You can use the image in the parameter in the workflow however. So you can add to a database record, or send that image to an element on a page.

Ok, I accept that it should be a Thing to be able to change (update) it. :smiley: I’ll have to make separate Events to handle each image.

@NigelG, thanks for your effort to explain!

But if you want to hide/show it … that is a different situation. You can only show/hide an element.

And I want do do both! :cold_sweat:

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