Cropping Plugins - Firefox friendly

Hi Been Cropper for getting a fixed ratio crop on users uploading images.

Only problem is that is doesnt work with firefox.

Does anyone know of a cropping plugin that works well with all browsers?


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Having the exact same issue - the Cropper plugin (by Renato Asse/BEP (Bubble Essential Plugins) works great on iPhone/Safari, Win/Chrome, Win/Edge but returns a black or gray image on Firefox (version 112).

@misadmin , We found the issue and have rewritten it, but not published. Not sure we did all the functions, but have the main one to select the aspect ratio and crop.
I can share the source code if you like.
Maybe @renatoasse can put our fixed into it, but I understand if he cant afford to maintain the plugin page anymore due to bubbles new pricing :wink:

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Thanks so much, that’s very kind of you - I wind up paying for Croppie Extended - Image Crop and it’s working pretty well - but again thank you!

Hey @d.pearce, sure, send me the updated source code and I’ll gladly update it :slight_smile:

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