Inline Pictures in MultiLine Text Box

Anyone know of a way that you can easily insert images into a multiline text box like this forum does for example? There is just an easy way to add picture to your post. Any plugin out there that does this already? Thanks.

There are a few rich text editor plugins. As far as I’m aware you need to go that route to do what you want.

I haven’t seen one yet that does that though. Have you?

Haven’t had the need to try them yet but it is pretty standard functionality. I do know that the Zeroqode one has an image and video viewer so I would be surprised if it and others can’t do what you need. Have you visited the demo pages?

I can’t get anything in the demo to work. Might be because in on internet explorer today.

And I am looking to not add another $8 a month to my already high bill to bubble. I don’t charge for my app so everything is coming out of my own pocket. Can’t afford it.

That could be because alright. It seems bubble is very browser sensitive. I prefer to work in Firefox but I keep hitting problems and end up back on Safari. Chrome is good too but it is not as efficient with memory as Safari so my computer is overheating most of the time when I use it - useful in the winter but not now !!!

I’m with you on the $x here and $y there. I have the same problem. I’m trying to balance my own very limited resources and invest wisely. I’m guessing the free ones might do the same but the page links are not working (more bubble rebranding breaks I guess). Perhaps message the authors and ask them or install the free ones and try. I’m interested to hear the outcome because this is functionality I will need in about a month.

Well, thanks for trying, I will hopefully get another response from the forum with another idea. Hope someone else can help.

If you search the plugins for Rich text Editors, the very first one that comes up is Rich Text Input and it is free and it allows you to insert images. That is a standard rich text feature so I would be amazed if the second one Trix does not also do the same. I can’t find the demo page for Trix but the Rich text Input one definitely works

Rich Text Input -

Yes, I see that, I am currently using the rich editor and trix does not have much functionality. Never mind, its ok. I will just keep looking on my own.

Just to make sure, @patricia was pointing to two different rich text editors. The one she is suggesting installing is screenshotted below.

Adding pictures in-line in post is possible, though it requires uploading the image (hosting it) somewhere first. Here is a video on how to do it.

In this example, I’m referencing a random picture on the internet, but you can also simply have an image uploader on the page, which uploads images to a library (just copy and paste the URL of the hosted image.


Having to upload in advance is not great UI. I think the Zeroqode one also requires that but I can’t be certain because the demo does not show an image button (even though they show an image and say it does this) but the video button definitely requires upload first. This is really not ideal.

Thank you, I guess I will try to just integrate it with a link somehow. I will try to figure out a way to get the link from an image that is uploaded so they can just add the link to insert it directly into the text. I was hoping for an easier way, that’s the only way I can think of too.

Effectively, how the “text” is stored in the database looks like this. (The formatting is BBCode - think of it like HTML formatting equivalent commonly used for things like forums where users are uploading their own text).

[img]*url of the image*[/img]


This is a giraffe

If you want to have something fancier, you could likely build a few workarounds that automatically update the content of the multiline input to include the image links after selecting it from a library. (It’d be really awesome if Bubble was able to tie in an image uploader function directly to the rich text input :smiley: ).


Ohh, that would be great if bubble could do that. The picture uploader in the multiline text doesn’t really make sense the way it is with a link. I wonder if we can find something online like this multitext input that the forum uses. Its clean and simple to use. I hope bubble can do this. :slight_smile:

Oh, and if they can add @mentions to it, that would be super cool. :slight_smile:

There are a couple of threads covering @mentions (see AirDev’s Tagger plugin).

Thanks, ya I have seen that post, I thought it would be cool if they could integrate it into one thing, that’s all. I think when I was trying to add the mentions it slowed down my whole app way too much.

I took the challenge and put together a few ideas for how to make the process of adding an image to a rich text input a bit smoother. Take a look at the video here.

While recording, I covered a bit of an intro to the rich text input as a concept, so you may just want to scrub to about 7 minutes in.