Weird Repeating Group Behavior

First time to see this happening and I cannot even clue what and why. (4)

The problem happens to the RG inside a RG. After the 1st RG loads, only the inside RG list disappears, then I figured that the list sits somewhere below so I can drag it up, but still floating.

The weird part is

  1. This happens only to the 2nd item of the RG list. Other than 2nd item, all is fine.
  2. When I tried here and there and I changed the setting to “Stretch columns to fill horizontal space” checked, the problem is gone but appearance of the list isn’t good so I cannot stick to it.

And this happens only on iPhone.

I don’t understand how come only a specific item within a RG behaves this way…???
Any idea to fix or help available?


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