Buggy horizontal scroll on mobile


I have a horizontal scroll repeating group that acts glitchy on mobile (safari). When you scroll, the group for a split second shows the elements behind it which looks terrible.

So here goes - I had to convert this video to a gif to get it on here, the glitch actually happens much more frequently than it does in the gif, but due to the fact it is only for a split second and the low frame rate of a gif, it only appears to happen once here - if you look super close, you can see it.


I have tried changing the background colours etc, but havent been able to stop this happening.

@keith @dan1 You guys have helped me on this before, any ideas?

Is the parent group of the repeating group of icons (er, emojis) a group focus, floating group or regular group?

If you want to get creative, you could have another copy of the parent group with all the same dimensions, coloring, etc but without the repeating group right below it. That way there would be a bit of fallback.

But it seems like you have to be fairly aggressive to get that behavior to happen. May be a bit of an edge case.

Hi Dan,

The repeating group containing the emojis is in a floating group. Placing the elements behind without the repeating group doesnt work either.

It happens 50% of the time you scroll, it just looks infrequent because the giff has really low frame rate and the glitch is split second.

Hmm… yeah, I see this happening, but I’m not sure what’s causing that. This might be one of those, “can this be demonstrated with a new, simple sample project?” and, if so, “submit that as a bug report” thing with detailed info for the support team on how to see/replicate.

(It’s so hard to debug mobile safari – at least for me – I assume if one is a Mac person and has iOS app development tools, there’s a mobile safari emulator with console/dev tools. As it is, it’s very hard to understand why this happens at the browser level, you know?)

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Just ran it on Chrome mobile and the same thing is happening… Very frustrating as the emoji search is a key feature.


When I remove the repeating group from the floating group and swipe as before, the glitch continues to occur to the floating group.

Swipe right on repeating group = glitch occurs on floating group even when repeating group does not belong to floating group.

Confident the issue is the floating group. Any workarounds to get the same effect of a floating group without using the floating group element?

Is it possible to set the repeating group of restaurants to not scroll behind the repeating group of emojis?

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