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Image loaded then disapear within 1 second


When I display my images, they show up as loaded and as expected

However 1 second after, the image disapear as you can see bellow

I really have no idea why this happens, any help would be MUCH appreciated …

Thanks !

You might have to provide more info - maybe there is a conditional that is causing this? Can you share the workflow involved, the element that shows the image, etc.

I have been dealing with a sort of similar database bug where a record will go into a field but disappear a second later, and bubble support has been unable to figure it out

Thanks for your update, It’s juste a simple image element in a repeating group. The image is displaying image URLs from my database.

I have tried others URLs and they seem to work, so if other images are working there is no conditional causing the “disapearing” thing.
I guess it’s all about the URL but can"t figure it out :frowning:

When I’ve seen this happen it’s always been Privacy Rules. Ie the current user does no have view access to the uploaded image.

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Most likely privacy. This sort of things happens when the user do not have permission to view.

If it’s privacy rules surely they shouldn’t be able to see the image at all because it should never leave Bubble’s server. Only after creating something and then it disappearing quickly have I seen it be privacy rules - a search disappearing is odd.

An editor link or at least test version URL so we can debug your elements might be helpful