Image Opacity for Editor

Hello bubble team! I had an Idea for the bubble edit for a future update possibly. I have tried to find it many times and I haven’t seen the feature so I believe that it is not currently in. Image opacity would be amazing to implement into the editor for developers like me and others as well! I believe it would help me and a lot of other people. If you guys could make this happen, that would be amazing. Thanks in advance!

Another request is for “Current User” conditional setups for the styles page. And that’s it!



Image filters too!

Yep I agree. I had a similar idea with using the Imgix modifier expressions as there are a ton of image processing options that can be pulled in.

See my post:

With that said, something more native could be handy too without using Imgix, such as directly having an option on the Image element itself. Workaround is to expose the ID and use a little CSS if needed, but some inbuilt features would be a welcome addition.

image opacity would be cool, something i’ve gone to do a few times and wished it was there

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Really don’t understand how this was missed!

—> perfect for tracing designs when there’s no Sketch or Figma design import tool.

Using Photoshop, you can apply opacity to an image and export it in .png format. Upload to Bubble and you will have an image with opacity!