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Creating image editor that allow users to edit

Hello bubble community,
I need your opinions,
I’m trying to create an app that will allow users to edit an image, maybe something simple like this

Users can:

  • upload an image
  • add text & able to edit it ( font , color …etc)
  • change background of image
  • move the text or images uploaded to anywhere on background

these are the main things i can think about now.

I know this possible in bubble, just i want to know your opinion if you may, anyone built something similar to this? what should i expect? what is the best way to approach building this? any shortcuts :joy: ?



Thank you @anon65040322 i hope he finish developing this soon

same :drooling_face:

Hey all, I just saw this post – I built a similar plugin that would enable a image editing tool like this back in 2019. Sharing a link to my FabricJS plugin in case it’s helpful for you!

Let me know if you have any feedback! I’m always trying to improve the plugin and I am more than happy to accommodate for your requests.


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Hey were you able to develop something like this? I am very very interested