Image saving without Storage usage possible

Hey guys, this Idea is maybe really stupid haha but

as i know does bubble not count the text size that is in the database - just the files that are uploaded to the File Manager like Images or Files.

my question was - what happens if all pictures are changed to Base64 and save as text?

Like This: (Just copy the link in the G Doc and paste in your Browser - text was to long for Bubble forum)

To test it out you can use a converter online:

Do you guys think this will cause errors in the app or can we save App Storage with this?

You sure can do this. It definitely works. But be aware you won’t get the nice transcoding feature offered by bubble via imgix(sp?). Plus it’ll increase your data transfer size on any image by 30% due to encoding.

It’s totally doable but if your images are large, you’re better off uploading to the s3 bucket provisioned for your app. Isn’t that unlimited or is it capped? I’ve never seen a way to access the files uploaded other than via a useable url.