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Image Uploader: images needs to be selected twice


there is an issue when I click the image uploader on my phone, I am send to image selection (gallery) on my phone and when I choose an image, I am re-send to image selction (gallery) where I have to re-select the image. After the second time the image is uploaded.

I have tested the mobile page on my laptop and it worked fine. The issue only occurs on phones.

Does anybody know why this happens and how to fix it?


Does anyone have an idea?

I’m a little confused about your question. Are you using iPhone or android? Idk if it matters but my image uploading on iPhone works fine so maybe I can help?

Hi @wknepp,

Thanks for the response.
I did some more testing. It didn’t work for me on Chrome/Android, but it worked properly on Firefox/Anidroid. On iPhone, nothing happens after uploading an image, meaning Foto doesn’t get uploaded. I did test the mobile page on a desktop PC and everything worked fine too.

I still don’t fully understand the problem, but I would be willing to guess that if it works on some browser and doesn’t on others, then it is not a problem you can solve in bubble. I would try to contact bubble support or something because it seems out control.

Ok thanks for the help.

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