Picture uploader problem with phone support

Hello everyone !
I’m trying to make a mobile app, and my picture uploader simply doesn’t work while I’m testing it on my phone, which lead to an issue !

Does anyone knows what to do to resolve my problem ?

do you have any conditions set for responsiveness?

Thanks for your reply, sadly I do not know what you mean by that… What conditions are you talking about ?

Try prevent the user from zooming if you are using an iPhone

Well, First of all, thanks for your reply, but I did try (even though I’m on Android) and, as expected, it didn’t ad any effect…

Check for any responsiveness conditions that may be affecting

Review some instructional videos if you are not familiar with how responsiveness or conditionality work in Bubble :+1:t2:

Thanks, I will check !

Be mindful that you are not going to find specifics on your problem

Sorry, but I just understood what you meant by responsiveness conditions, and I don’t see how it will fix the “doesn’t work” condition :face_with_monocle:
My element is clearly visible on phone, but didn’t trigger anything when clicked, is there any link with responsiveness ?

Your issue may not be

Try accessing the page on another phone

I just tried, and it still didn’t work… Any idea of the problem ? Is it linked with the fact that no authorization were asked ?

Are you using a template?

I don’t think so…

Hey @nathan.colin53 I’m actually noticing some very slow photo loading on the front end of my site this morning, it could be related to the image processor on bubble called Imgix, @eve could you please look into this potential issue? Maybe you’ve gotten some bug reports around photo rendering this morning.

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Me too. Admittedly I have a massive repeating group of images that I suspect is not scaling, but today I have a lot of images just not loading at all.

If you’re seeing trouble in your app, please do submit a bug report! We’re not seeing anything concrete, and Imgix isn’t showing downtime, but certainly can look into this.

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Just tested it with no problems

Sorry, I just saw your reply.
I think there might be a misunderstanding. My problem is that the element PictureUploader doesn’t work on my phone. To add a picture, I have to pass by the data interface directly in bubble, but I want my users to upload their picture by my app, which doesn’t work. The loading of the picture does work well, that’s not the issue.
Am I clearer, or do you want me to elaborate more ?
Thank you everyone in any case !