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Image :URL cuts off "http:"

Is the cutting off of “http:” intentional? (because of different http/https use cases?) I didn’t notice for awhile because I was using these image paths locally, but they of course broke when I inserted them into email HTML and also for zapier zaps (triggered from Bubble, transferring a file using the filepath).

in Bubble’s Zapier action workflow:

in Zapier:

Just wondering if this is an easy fix (or isn’t a bug at all), or if I should invest time to create workflows to generate the right filepath. For the zapier workflow especially, I’m unable to merely put the string “http:” in front of dynamic data, as the field only takes one input.

EDIT: or, perhaps we don’t need http: or https:, but need the URL to merely start with … either way, right now :URL is asking us to do some manual reformatting!

Yeah generally speaking you don’t want the protocol in the URL, so the the page adds the right one (http or https). So you should probably add it manually if you want to use it with Blockspring or other stuff.


ok great, that clarifies things, thanks! I also realized later I could use Zapier’s formatting tools to get the right filepath string.