Image viewer for mobile site

Is there any image viewer for mobile site. ? Plugin or any idea?

the image element can be viewed on mobile

You mean image element with black background?

why do you need a black background? Just place an image element on your page and it can be viewed.

Hai @boston85719 I need this kind of full screen image viewer…is there any plugin or trick?

Trick is in the z-index of the image and the black background

Check out this post I put up of how to do a “walkthrough tour” it goes over the things needed here as well, which is basically z-index

Another alternative is to just create a group with black as the background color and place the image inside of that group. Then set up conditionals to hide/show that group and have it cover the entire page.

I used the z-index in my image uploader for the cropping portion…although not a full screen black background, it still has the black background group set with a lower z-index than the croppie element.


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@boston85719 thank you so much :blush:

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