Images not rendering - frontend and editor

I’ve checked a couple of apps and there seems to be an issue with displaying images. They are uploading and saving in the file manager, but not providing any preview frontend or in the editor?

The issue seems to be specific to new images that are uploaded - previously saved ones display frontend but in the database manager just appear as missing images as shown…

@emmanuel @eve

Checked the status page, as thought this might be related to processing using Imgix API but all seems okay:

Tested your image > works fine on my side:

I have the same issue @luke2

Thanks for checking - what is it like in the Bubble editor with these images?

Frontend display of uploading an image is working okay it appears, but in the editor something is not right with the previews and uploading to database entries with an image field type.


Let me try calling the image from the database.

Hmm, seems to be back working as usual now - quite odd.

So in my editor and frontend, rendering and uploading okay. Not quite sure what happened there.

Thanks for confirming - database should be all okay, but let me know otherwise.

works fine

Okay! Maybe a temp glitch

Yeah, unfortunately I suspect so. Bit of a time stopper, but at least its resolved and I wasn’t going crazy :laughing:


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