Broken Image in DB


I made a form where user can upload image. Next, when user send form I would got mail with this data, and here is everything ok - I can see the image, but when I go to the DataBase section to check this data from this panel I only see broken image placeholder. I can upload manually image here, but it has no sense (like you can see this one image which actually had a preview).

I checked in File Manager tab that those files are there, and they are, so they are uploaded successfully. Why preview not work?

I seem to have the same problem. It seems like there is some issue with saving the image to the database on the bubble end.

I had the same issue, without finding any solutions…

@farouk.zemmouri , do you think it is a bug?

I found a workaround I think. At least for my problem, no matter how much I put the delay in, the object is not created. So I have to wait till the next page to do it.