Images not showing up on my home page

Hello there, Index images just stop showing up on my published website since twi days ago, any idea on what’s wrong and how to fix it?

What are the sources of the images? Are they hosted somewhere?

No, I simply uploaded them to bubble and thanks for the response

You don’t have any conditions that would prevent them from displaying / loading do you?

Not at all, the images were showing before it started that 2 days ago and images on other pages still shows. that is the link to the site

Only the background for the hero section still shows, but other images are not which is the reason for most of the blank spaces including the logo which is in a reusable element, the logo shows on other pages also

I have also tried adding new images to the page but none of them is showing up also

Really odd,

I can access debug mode, so inspecting the images, I can see them in the debugger

So it is getting the URL and displaying the images, but something else is preventing them from showing.

Quite confused also, Nothing was done to the website it started all of a sudden

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