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Hosting Issues?

Hey, is there something going on with hosting right now? My site is not loading all images.


Got the same. My background images are not showing

They might be busy with major updates. I’m battling with a few issues at the moment. Going to give it a break for a few hours

Yeah, I’m just waiting.

We haven’t pushed anything. Well look into it

Background image and everything boxed with that white outline has an image. Shows up like this throughout the site.

Which image is missing? See what I see here

I think the problem rectified itself, My background images are showing now and the and the other small stuff seems to be working fine now. :grinning:

We use imgix, and it seems they’ve been hitting some issues.

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Yes, looks resolved now. I should have taken a screenshot of what it was doing. But basically all images were not appearing and boxed with a white outline and my background image reverted to the default “color when empty”

You’re right, looks like imgix is experiencing some headaches! Thanks! Glad to know it’s not Bubble.

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