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Images Orientation

Right now when I upload images from my phone they are sideways. Would it be possible to implement using the EXIF data? Only conversation I’ve seen on this is here: Photo EXIF data being altered when uploaded to app. How to fix it? but there was never a solution.

Sample: (try this on your phone)

Any ideas?


you can access a photo’s EXIF data this way: Photograph Metadata

If the orientation of your image isn’t correct, it either could be a bubble issue or an imgix issue. You might have to reach out to @emmanuel for help. I had a similar issue with bubble not recognizing if my photo was landscape vs portrait. We went back and forth with imgix and I believe in the end it was a bubble issue (which they resolved :+1:)

Thanks for the link. I tried it out and got the following metadata. Seems like the exif orientation is getting lost in the upload process somehow.

While experimenting I found that if I don’t check the “limit image size before upload” option then it works fine. Here is the metadata with that option not checked:

@emmanuel - Could a change be made to the image uploader to not strip this additional data out?

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We use the native uploader and send the data as a normal file, without striping anything.


Having the same issue - image uploads in proper orientation only if “limit image size before upload” option turned OFF.

Is there a solution for that? (with “limit image size before upload” option turned ON)

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I have the same problem. Image orientation is OK when “Limit size before upload” is off, but when I enable it, the orientation is wrong. @emmanuel, can this be fixed, or are there any work-arounds?