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Photo EXIF data being altered when uploaded to app. How to fix it?

I tested uploading a photo to my app using the upload from library option. I also downloaded that same photo to my laptop. I then download the photo that I had uploaded using the app from the app backend and I compared its EXIF data to the original and they weren’t the same. Some of it’s data had been stripped including (most importantly for me) the GPS data. I’m guessing this is due to the 3rd party software you use to handle image sizes. Is it possible to have it not do that? I want to be able to upload a photo from my phones library using my app and read its EXIF data to get the geo-tag.

@alexis did you solve this?? I want to be able to “read” the size of an image, if possible

Hi @lonetour
This one was never solved. Not sure where things are in regards to this at the moment. Let me know if you come up with anything.